Since 2010, Logiflex has been a full service trucking and trailer company that has been rapidly growing. Utilizing the most advanced equipment available, the average age of our trucks is only 1 year old. In addition, each one of our trucks and trailers have an extensive GPS tracking system installed to ensure that your shipment is always safe and secure.

Servicing the entire continental United States and Canada, our North America team is always here to meet all of your shipping requirements. By servicing these specific areas, we are consistently able to deliver your freight on time, without damage. Logiflex offers a wide range of different shipping services including, hazmat deliveries, reefer shipping, and dry good shipments. Because we utilize a team of highly trained, professional drivers, we are able to exceed certain expectations that other trucking companies cannot. At Logiflex, we take pride in securely delivering each individual shipment in a timely manner. Offering the highest service standards in the industry, you will be completely satisfied with our elite service, freight compliance standards, regulations and procedures.

In order for us to ensure that the highest levels of service is provided at all times, we utilize a fleet of drivers that are highly experienced. Each one of our drivers has been fully trained in the strict U.S Department of Transportation Material Regulations. By using highly skilled, professional drivers, you can be assured that your shipment is always safe. As one of the fastest growing trucking companies in the industry, we are here to deliver your freight from any point in North America to any point in North America.

Don't just settle on any shipping company, choose a company that can deliver.