With a similar appearance to our dry van trucks, the Logiflex reefer trucks provide the advanced technologies of a ThermoUnit with an insulated roof, walls, floors and doors. Perfect for all of your perishable goods and materials, our reefer trucks will keep your items protected and fresh at all times. For anything that needs to maintain a specific temperature between -20 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, this specialized service ensures that your shipment never goes bad. Because of the specific technologies that our reefer trucks utilize, you are able to ship anything from frozen foods to fresh produce. Depending on the type of freight that you are shipping, whether it's pineapples or bananas that need to continually be transported at 65 degrees or strawberries that need to maintain a consistent 34 degrees, Logiflex is here to meet all of your specific perishable shipment needs. Not only offering cold delivery services, our reefer trucks can also be used to protect certain goods that do not require low temperature settings, but cannot be exposed to extreme heat. For example, if you need to ship certain types of equipment, chemicals or anything in a plastic container that cannot be transported in high summertime temperatures, our reefer trucks will always keep your freight protected from the elements.