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Maximizing Drayage Efficiency: Tips for Smooth Container Transport

Warehouse efficiency relies on smooth transitions from one stage of the shipping process to the next. When delays occur, they not only slow down the flow of that specific load but can also cause delays with additional orders, quickly creating a snowball effect. Long dwell durations and port delays are discouraged by per diem and excess detention penalties. Proper drayage training and procedures can help simplify loading and unloading processes while lowering the likelihood of per diem and other drayage charges, which can quickly add up.

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U.S. truck drivers preparing for Convoy to D.C. 2022

The Convoy to D.C. 2022 aims to launch the convoy from numerous points across the nation and eventually meet in Washington, D.C.

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Are Truck Drivers Paid Enough?

Are Truck Drivers Paid Enough - Our take on the problem

The average full-time workweek for an adult in the United States is 34.4 hours. Seems like quite the workload, but we are a nation of hard workers, and we take pride in that.

Now imagine having a worker that really pushed the line and worked twice as hard. Every week. Every month. Year after year. A 70 hour workweek is something else! Imagine the productivity if one could find such workers!

Now imagine having an entire team of these workers as part of your operation. Wouldn’t you want to reward them for their dedication?

We do! At Logiflex, we don’t have to imagine these hard workers. We call them our team of expert drivers and they are the secret behind our track record of excellence!

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We don’t settle for mediocrity and neither should our drivers. Therefore we are introducing a compensation package that is virtually unmatched in our industry. In addition to offering medical, vision, dental, and life insurance benefits, we are now adding a 401k retirement plan and two separate payment options.

Drivers paid per hour

Is that the answer? This is what we think. Starting today our top runners will earn 60 cents per mile along with all the benefits and job security offered by W-2 employment. Furthermore,  we are also rolling out a different payment option for those who’ve had enough of the same old game of getting paid by the mile. Hence, we will pay those employees hourly. After all, ELDs afford you 14 on duty hours per day. And doesn’t on-duty time equal time on the job? It’s high time drivers get compensation for pre and post-trip inspections, for downtime at shippers and receivers, fueling, and of course for driving. And because driving is at the heart of it all, we will pay overtime when you log more than eight driving hours on any given day.

Our drivers certainly deserve it, and as a matter of fact, every driver deserves it.
Don’t settle for less, give us a call, and come share in our success!

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Are Truck Drivers Paid Enough?

Are Truck Drivers Paid Enough - Our take on the problem The average full-time workweek for an adult in the United States is 34.4...

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