Driver Hiring Process

At Logiflex, we take pride in our simple hiring process and how our recruiters guide you through the onboarding steps.

When you talk to our recruiters, we provide you detailed information of our driving positions to make sure there is a good match according to your needs.


Here is what to expect during the hiring process:


Here is what to expect during the hiring process:


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Send your information & Complete Application


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Talk to a Recruiter

Talk to a Recruiter

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Application Review & Approval

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Orientation & Take First Dispatch


Orientation & Take First Dispatch


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Pre Employment Screening and Drug test


Step 1. Send your information and/or fill out online application

Step 2. After we receive your information, our recruiters will get in touch with you go over you application and provide detailed information about Logiflex.

Step 3. Your recruiter will process your application and make background check.

Step 4. Upon approval of your application, we can set a date for your orientation.

Step 5. During orientation, we will conduct pre-employment screening and drug test. You will need to complete safety training videos and sign the paperwork.

Step 6. Your recruiter will arrange your travel, usually flight, and bring you to our corporate office in Park Ridge, IL. Upon your arrival, you will have a meeting with dispatch and safety team.

Step 7. We will take you to our yard to assign your truck and we will do a quick road driving test.

Step 8. After you pass your road-test you will  start driving journey with Logiflex. 

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