Hazmat Shipping.


Logiflex specializes in delivering goods under HAZMAT classifications 2-9, regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The unsafe transport of chemicals and hazardous materials can get your company into serious trouble. We understand the dangers associated with this and provide safe passage for temperature-controlled substances.

All HAZMAT shipments are monitored using real-time GPS tracking and closely documented processes. Our drivers are specially trained and certified with HAZMAT and tanker endorsements – handling your goods in strict adherence to U.S. regulations while protecting your business from liability.

Some of the common HAZMAT goods and materials we ship include:

• Chemicals

• Paint

• Cleaning supplies

• Flammable dry goods

• Flammable liquids

• Hazardous waste

• Medicines

• Poison

• Corrosives

• Infectious substances

• Oxidizers

* Items we do not transport include explosive and radioactive materials.

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