How to Become a Hazmat Certified Truck Driver

 Are you considering becoming a HAZMAT certified truck driver? It’s important to educate yourself on the components involved in the certification process. 

First, you must hold a valid Commercial Drivers License (CDL) in the state where you plan on driving.

In addition, your driving record must also be in good standing, free of any serious road violations or suspensions. If you’re just starting out as a driver, you’ll find detailed instructions for obtaining a CDL here.

Pursuing a HAZMAT Certification

If you already have a CDL and want to pursue a HAZMAT certification, it’s time to hit the books. The transportation of hazardous materials involves a substantial level of risk. Therefore, it’s important that teams handling these goods are trained properly and have a deep understanding of its safety and legal compliance's.

Becoming HAZMAT certified is the process of adding an endorsement to your existing CDL. It does not mean you need to obtain new license altogether. In addition to, background checks and application requirements, drivers applying for a HAZMAT endorsement are expected to pass a Hazardous Materials Endorsement Knowledge test.

Thankfully, each state’s CDL drivers manual has an entire chapter on the transportation of hazardous materials in that state. We recommend starting here as you prepare for the Hazardous Materials Endorsement Knowledge Test.

The Process of Obtaining HAZMAT Endorsement

Also, a HAZMAT certified truck driver is required to pass an in depth Transportation Security Administration background check due to the security and safety risks presented by transporting hazardous materials.

These background checks typically cost the operator between $90-110 unless covered by the employer. Also keep in mind the background check can take up to 60 days and requires the applicant’s fingerprints.

For example, here are some of the basic items you’ll need when pursuing a HAZMAT endorsement:

(Keep in mind requirements vary by state)

  1. Valid CDL License
  2. Passing Hazardous Materials Endorsement Knowledge Test
  3. Federal TSA background check
  4. Proof of citizenship or legal residence
  5. Original proof of full legal name
  6. Proof of identity and date of birth
  7. Verification of Social Security Number
  8. Pass vision exam
  9. Valid DOT medical card (medical examiner’s certificate)
  10. Applicable test and endorsement fees
  11. Federal TSA background check

When you’re ready to apply take the documents listed above to your local DMV or TSA office. Some locations will even allow you to complete part of your application online.

In addition to the steps listed you’ll need to submit your background check. A non-refundable fee once you complete your medical exams will also be required. After everything has been approved, you’ll become a HAZMAT certified truck driver.

Pursuing a HAZMAT endorsement is a serious commitment. It leads to a position where the safety and security of the cargo are of high importance. If you’re ready for the challenge, we encourage you to take the necessary steps to advance in your career.

In conclusion, to learn more about transportation services here at Logiflex or to become a HAZMAT certified truck driver with us, reach out to us today at (847) 789-7132.


Managing HAZMAT Freight Can Be Intimidating

To summarize, transporting hazardous materials starts and ends with drivers. Whether you are a hiring a HAZMAT trucking company or managing your own fleet, it’s important to have the necessary tools and knowledge to transport products as safely and effectively as possible.

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