As we all know, technology is advancing rapidly. A self-driving truck made by Embark was recently spotted on the I-10 with the Amazon logo. Is Amazon making driverless trucks? To simply answer the question, no they are not making self-driving trucks. However, they are using self-driving trucks made by Embark. Although neither company would comment on it CNBC discussed the event in Amazon is hauling Cargo in self-driving trucks developed by Embark. For those of you who are not aware Embark is a freight company hauling autonomously from Texas to California.

“This is the first time someone has demonstrated this end-to-end," Embark CEO Alex Rodrigues says.

 "Embark moves freight for a number of major companies on the I-10, however, we cannot discuss any company specifically as our relationships are confidential." Embark CEO Alex Rodrigues says.


In October 2018, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration issued its updated AV3.0 policy, which has helped autonomous vehicle firms such as Embark figure out how to test their technology before driving on public roads and which rules they need to comply with to stay there.


A driver shortage currently plagues the trucking industry. A lack of available drivers and trucks poses a challenge to e-commerce companies. Including Amazon, whose customers expect deliveries in a relatively short time.

Expect to see more autonomous trucks in circulation in the U.S. soon.