Snow Chains for Trucks

Snow chains for Semi Trucks have been time tested extension of winter tires. Well known for providing substantial traction and grip on both ice and snow. As well as their adaptability and inexpensiveness. Giving a sense of confidence and safety to drivers under the rough conditions on the road, they use their uneven and scabrous tread to bite into the surface with steel links of chain aiding your winter tires. Typically used up until 20-50 mph and shouldn't be used on dry roads as they can cause tires to slip on dry pavement.


While chains aren't always required equipment on the road, they can get drivers out of bad situations where snow tires are just not enough. Multiple studies have proven that when chains installed properly they provide an acceptable level acceleration, braking, and handling even through a variety of performance differences.


1.  The best way to start is to place the chains flat out on the ground.  Make sure the adjustment cams are placed facing outward on the outside of the tire, so they are easily accessed. Tire chains have locking clips. They are pretty easy to hook up. Locking clips are used to fasten the entire chain down at the end of the process.

2. Pick up the chain on the side farthest from you and then drape it up over the tire. Be sure that the clips that secure the cross chains are facing outward so they don’t rub on the side wall of the tire.

3. Then, reach in behind the duals to hook the inside clip of the tire chain.

4. On the front face on the tire, tighten the cams up tightly with an adjusting wrench. The wrench is inserted into the cam and turned to increase the tension in the chain.

Try to tighten each cam, to help snug up the chain.

We put together a video which shows you how to install your chains in an easy step by step process anyone can apply.