Women In Trucking: Why you should choose truck driving as a career!

The trucking industry is the lifeblood of the U.S. economy. The for-hire trucking industry is facing a shortage of drivers. When we talk drivers we think of men who mostly dominate the industry. However, times are changing and trucking jobs for women are becoming a popular career option. So, if you are a woman considering a job in the trucking industry now is the best time to get behind the wheel. The industry needs qualified truck drivers and women have a huge advantage in expanding the job pool. Not to mention, it is predicted that there will be a shortage of 175, 000 drivers by 2024. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why being a woman driver in the trucking industry is the route to go!

Income Potential

Pay is based on mileage, hours or percentage of load. So, this means men and women are paid the same. Of course with the exception of having certain certifications such as HAZMAT or tanker where one might potentially earn a bit more for having those extra qualifications. These factors are not influenced by age, ethnicity or gender. Not only is the pay equal but its also fair! According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income for truck drivers is $43,503.

Job Security

With the shortage of truck drivers across the nation, those who do well may enjoy the satisfaction of job security. The ATA says the shortage of drivers will increase drastically in the next decade. That means that truck driving jobs are likely to grow by five percent in the next 10 years. Also, no matter where you live or if you want to relocate, it's always possible to get a job.


Benefits add so much more value to the trucking career package! Of course, a steady paycheck is great and provides a piece of mind as well, but let's discuss the awesome benefits this career provides. Health insurance, retirement plans, and performance pay are just a few of the extras many trucking companies provide for their employees.


If you like flexible schedules, meeting new people, seeing new things and scenery every day, being your own boss, then trucking would be perfect for you! No need to clock in, attend long meetings, report to a boss, sit behind a desk, answer emails and deal with office politics! As an OTR driver, you will see all the beautiful sunrises and sunsets from the inside of your modernized truck. Truck driving is a noble profession and an American way of life. We know that you’ll enjoy the freedom that truck driving gives you.